Introducing… SprinkRolls! – Ice Cream Rolls The Sprinkles Way

Happy to announce that it’s finally here: #SprinkRolls! – Ice cream rolls the Sprinkles way!!

Ice cream rolls is a hand made ice cream dessert made with milk poured on an iced grill, mixed with different ingredients on the ice-pan.

7 wonderful flavors available:
🍥 Thai-Style Fudge Brownies – Vanilla ice cream with fudge cake rolled up, topped with chocolate fudge and chocolate balls
🧀 Cheese Cake Roll – Vanilla ice cream and cheesecake mixture rolled to perfection, loaded with Graham crunch and chocolate fudge
🥜 Peanut Chew Roll – Vanilla ice cream with our homemade peanut chew mixture, topped with peanut butter sauce and rice crispies (Seen in the video)
🍹Cola Roll – A delicious blend of cola soda and vanilla ice cream
🍫Pesekzman Roll – A confection of vanilla ice cream with the signature “Pesekzman” on a roll, topped with caramel sauce and peanuts
🍓Fruity Roll – Get creative with your choice of fruits mixed with vanilla ice cream, topped with strawberry sauce
🎉Party Roll – A load of cookies and pretzels mixed with vanilla ice cream topped with candies

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